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When we set out to create our artisan sourdough recipe naan bread, we dug deep into our heritage. Our business founder Mazhar Butt knows a thing or two about making naan that's light and airy and full of flavour. His mother taught him how. Then we asked today's consumers what makes a great naan. Soft and fluffy, they said, and not too thick. They rated our new artisan sourdough recipe naan better than our leading competitor's product, so we know that Mr Butt's mum was right all along.

It’s all about the bubble

Our lightest, bubbliest and tastiest naan ever is baked to our own unique artisan sourdough recipe for a deliciously crisp outer and a light and airy texture inside.

We use all natural ingredients

We use only the finest ingredients and add natural yogurt to our sourdough recipe to help make our premium naan very light and bubbly indeed.

Tiny seeds make a big difference

The cumin and nigella seeds baked into our sourdough recipe naan bread add a nutty and gently spicy flavour that's deliciously moreish. Even more so because we toast them first to release their flavour.

No ordinary process

No ordinary naan bread calls for an extraordinary production process, so we've developed our own unique artisan sourdough recipe. This live cultured sourdough – our ‘starter’ – combined with a long fermentation period, is at the heart of our process. ‘Feeding’ the starter, creating a ‘mother dough’ then a ‘mature sour’ and eventually our final dough takes a little longer to be ready. But we’re in no hurry.

This patient process improves both flavour and texture, and because we don’t need to use raising agents we create a more natural product. We add natural yoghurt for a light and airy texture, pure butter ghee for colour and taste, and toasted Kalonji and cumin seeds for a nutty flavour. That’s what makes our lightest, bubbliest naan bread so special.

Chefs Corner: Artisan Sourdough Recipe Naan

Cyrus Todiwala OBE DBL DL on Naan

Cyrus explains the huge versatility of naan on your menus.

'The full indian'

The ultimate breakfast naan, with spiced baked beans and masala fried eggs.

Jungli chicken wrap

Spiced roast chicken wrapped in a soft sourdough recipe naan – a perfect lunch or canapé.

Bombay style minced beef slider

Spicy mince topped with grilled cheese on a slider sized naan – what's not to like!


Ham salad naanwich

Gently warm the naan bread, add your fillings, salad and dressings of choice, fold and serve. Simple.


Jackfruit pizza

Jackfruit in a BBQ sauce, red onions, crispy kale, pomegranate seeds and a drizzle of vegan sour cream. Yum!


Naan nachos

Naan nachos will work on any sharing or street food menu.


Indian brunch

Why not add a naan to eggs and bacon on your brunch menu?


Bruschetta with a twist

Pesto, cherry tomatoes, smoked salmon, spring onion can all be served on this Italian classic.


Pizzette on naan

Vegan, vegetarian or meat toppings will all work with these - a perfect light lunch!

Caesar Salad with naan

Top your salad with freshly fried naan croutons.

strata to share

Eggs, bacon, mozzarella and naan - this screams brunch!

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